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Spooky Nostalgia: Unveiling the Story Behind My Favorite Sticker Design

  • Oct 22
Spooky Nostalgia: Unveiling the Story Behind My Favorite Sticker Design

As we inch closer to my birthday on October 25th, I can't help but dive into a pool of nostalgia. You see, my birthday practically coincides with the spookiest day of the year - Halloween. No, I wasn't born on Halloween, but trust me, spooky season is practically coursing through my veins. I mean, I'm all about #TeamEdward and vampires are my jam. It's just how I roll.

Now, picture this: a laser tag joint that was as dark and mysterious as it gets, painted in deep, dark purple, with gigantic bats hanging in the corners. I was completely and utterly obsessed, and that's putting it mildly. For at least three consecutive years, I had my birthday parties there. It was THE place to be.

But let me tell you, the pièce de résistance was when my mom gave me free rein to choose a sheet cake at the local grocery store. My choice? A graveyard-themed masterpiece. And oh, it got even better. I picked out a TOMBSTONE singing candle! In my young, enthusiastic mind, it was the coolest thing to have ever existed.

Of course, I cherished that candle like it was my precious treasure. I might have even extended its lifespan a tad too much because it went from belting out the Death March to producing this bone-chilling high-pitched noise. Yeah, I had a thing for the macabre even back then.

Fast forward to the present day, and it's no wonder that one of my original sticker designs holds a special place in my heart. It's a beautiful concoction of everything I adore about spooky season, blended with a dash of everyday sass, and a perfectly placed f-bomb. I mean, how could I not love it?

The icing on my graveyard birthday cake? Well, it happens to be one of my all-time bestsellers. In fact, it was such a hit that I decided to turn it into a fantastic 5x7 notepad and an equally awesome matching enamel pin. Because let's be real, who doesn't want a piece of that spooktacular magic?

So there you have it, the story behind one of my all-time favorites, a design that perfectly captures the essence of who I am and what SHEWOLF Designs is all about. 

P.S. If you're as obsessed with this design as I am, check it out in our shop, and let's celebrate the spookiness together! 🎃👻

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